2018 Calendar: Vitality


2018 Calendar: Vitality

from 25.00

This 2018 vertical wall calendar features vibrant images of direct encounters with wild and beautiful moments in life.  Each woodblock print is exquisitely detailed and inspired by the natural history of the Northern Rockies and Life's Journey. 

It has been a Big Year.  We have all felt the effects of political, cultural and ecological turmoil.  In 2018, may we gather our resources and our best ideas to rebuild our world, from the inside out.  Conserve energy, cultivate vitality.  The world needs us now, more than ever.

Reuse!  When the year has passed, clip the calendars off at the bottom and 3/4" off the top and:  Voila!  Frame the images in a standard 6"X8" frame.  You can enjoy the prints for years.

Printed on 100% FSC Certified recycled paper with soy based ink.

Shipping within the US is included.

1 calendar $25

3 calendars $60

6 calendars $110

12 calendars $200

wholesale orders welcome; contact us

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