2020 Wall Calendar: We Can Do It!

2020 calendar.jpg
2020 calendar.jpg

2020 Wall Calendar: We Can Do It!

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This 6" X 12" vertical wall calendar features vibrant images of direct encounters with wild and beautiful moments in life.  Each woodblock print is exquisitely detailed and inspired by the natural history of the Northern Rockies and Life's Journey. Yes, it’s true: we cannot show you what the calendar will look like yet because Claire is still happily carving, printing and painting like a fiend at her studio in Missoula. If you liked the 2019 calendar, you will like this even better. Good vibes ahead.

Reuse!  When the year has passed, clip the calendars off at the bottom and 3/4" off the top and:  Voila!  Frame the images in a standard 6"X8" frame.  You can enjoy the prints for years.

Printed on 100% FSC Certified recycled paper with soy based ink.

Shipping within the US is included.

Buy in bulk and save up to 25%.  Our calendars make great gifts

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